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Anonymous: Your "Somebody dies every 40 seconds, reblog if you're here for your followers" is fucking sick. I can't believe you're using SUICIDE, a heartbreaking, tragic thing that unfortunately exists in this world, as a way to get reblogs - for fucking pixels in the shape of a number on a computer screen. It would have been okay if you just said, "Reblog if you're here for your followers". It's still greedy as shit, but it's better.

If you decided to look for more evidence that I am “greedy as shit”, you would discover that I’m not greedy and that sending this message was a waste of your time. I myself have dealt with suicidal thoughts. I wasn’t thinking of the notes when I posted it. I didn’t think it would get that many notes to begin with. But it ended up getting 233k notes and that’s not my fault. To be honest, I’m glad it got that amount of notes. It shows that people care, and that they are willing to talk to their followers if they are struggling. I wasn’t doing it for the notes, I was doing it so that people might see it on their dash in a time of need.

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